Cimulate Customer-GPT

Optimize every click of the customer journey.

Cimulate delivers the first ever Customer-GPT. Leverage Generative AI to optimize each click of the customer journey. Increase conversion by delivering shopping experiences that truly understand customer intent.


The Future of Commerce

The future of commerce is more interactive, more personalized, and more helpful. Imagine having your best sales associate managing the digital dialog with the customer – all-knowing of your products and services, and a deep understanding of the customer intent and in-session needs.

The ideal shopping experience is expertly driven by an all-knowing Digital Assistant.

This is the Customer-GPT Personified.

Cimulate Customer-GPT knows your customer's intent. Do you?

The Cimulate Customer-GPT is a generative AI-based model of the customer. By leveraging clickstream, search, purchase, product, and customer data, C-GPT understands the customer at a granular level, and can generate “next-best action” to optimize the customer journey.


Optimize for your objectives

Cimulate Customer-GPT is objective driven, leveraging generative AI and reinforcement learning to continually optimize for desired customer and business outcomes.


Harness the power of the commerce web

Customer-GPT combines the power of third-party data from the Internet combined with your customer clickstream and product data resulting in your unique vertical-GPT for your business.


Speed and scale

Customer-GPT scales and performs at the speed of commerce. In order to optimize your content leveraging generative AI in real-time, response times need to be in the tens of milliseconds.

The Customer-GPT journey starts with search

When changing the customer experience, the dialog with the customer starts with the most powerful tool in the arsenal – the search experience.  More specifically, the focus is on what content and in what order it should be presented to the customer – the most critical task of any storefront.

By understanding customer intent, Customer-GPT knows how customers will respond to certain content, and with this understanding will optimize which content, in which order, and in what combination to present, optimizing the customer journey.


Meet the Cimulate team

Cimulate was founded by two tech entrepreneurs with deep commerce expertise and technology and AI research leadership. We know Generative AI is going to significantly change the game for how the commerce experience is delivered. We are excited to lead this change.

John Andrews

CEO & Co-Founder

Vivek Farias

CTO & Co-Founder

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